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Preliminary provisions:

  1. service is provided by MOZOS聽Marek Modli艅ski located at 13 Socrates lok 31, 01-909 Warsaw, POLAND.
  2. Regulations define rules for the use of, the scope of responsibility of the operator, and any other information cleanup.
  3. Before the registration system b2b you acknowledge that you have read the regulations and accept all its provisions.
  4. Claims arising from the ignorance of this document will be considered negatively.

Terms of wholesale via Customer Panel at

  1. Service, this aims to further improve the existing trade cooperation parties by enabling the user by the operator access – via the Internet – to information held by the operator and the services it provides in the field and on the principles defined in this Regulation.
  2. As part of the information and the services referred to in point 1 above fall:
    a) obtaining information concerning the goods offered for sale by the operator and make purchases of goods offered by the operator based on the order the User;
    b) acquisition of information contained in a computer system operator, made by the user on payments with the operator of a sales contract and the history of settlements Party.
  3. The operator – as far as possible and as appropriate – will seek to expand the range of information and services available on the website. In this connection, the Operator reserves the right to make, at any time change the scope of the information provided and services rendered. Such a change would not affect the result of these regulations obligations of the parties and the way they perform.
  4. The prerequisite for the realization of the transaction is to perform tasks orders through the system or making an content with the number, the index using the electronic box.
  5. The operator declares that the exercise of any of the services or information it will be possible only on the basis of the user granted in implementation of this agreement confidential data logging, obtained by you by e-mail by the system administrator. Upon receipt of this data should be changed at your own settings after logging into the system. The operator may make the execution of the service, or for information, and in particular the order – taking into account the principles of the Regulations – from obtaining the merchant service provider, telephone confirmation of the activity at the number given by the user in the concluded agreement. Operator is not responsible for the results made available by U偶ytkownikadanych to log unauthorized third parties.
  6. The company Mozos Marek Modli艅ski may on request of the grant, the revolving credit to a maximum period of 14days. The term and amount of the loan is subject to verification of risk with the help of insurance companies.
  7. The first two transactions are only pre-financing. Execution of orders occurs only at the moment they are entered on the account provider.
  8. The shipping cost will be cornfirmed after getting request.
  9. Overdue payments are subject to statutory interest.
  10. The Supplier reserves the right to change the limit.
  11. It is the customers responsibility to inform the system administrator about any changes to corporate data. Mozos Marek Modli艅ski is not responsible for incorrect data received by the recipient.
  12. Invoices realize only in electronic form. Registration in the system is tantamount to consent to receive such information.
  13. At any time you have the recipient’s right to terminate the contract Customer panel system use. Cancellations must be submitted electronically or in writing to the address of the company.
  14. In the absence of a confirmation phone call, your order will not be processed. Tradesman Operator – in the event of receipt of an order based on user login – there is no obligation to investigate whether the person making the telephone confirmation of the order is authorized to do so.
  15. Since the goods purchased by the Customer are intended for further resale, the parties exclude the Supplier’s responsibility under the warranty for physical defects of goods (Art. 558 搂 1 of the Civil Code), except in cases where the supplier provides expressly warranty on certain products.
  16. Prices of goods are specified in the current price list Provider as contract prices. The prices can be changed only through negotiations between the parties.
  17. Termination of the agreement concluded prior to the activation of access to does not relieve the parties from the obligation to meet any of its liabilities and unmet by any of the parties until the date of termination of this Agreement.
  18. Deliveries by carrier Suppliers are held under conditions determined by the Supplier.
  19. Availability of goods after the order is subject to verification of the operator and pending confirmation by the supplier contract – are considered to be not included.
  20. The operator has the right to immediately terminate the contract in case of breach of the regulations by the user.
  21. Operator reserves the right to refuse to allocate access to the service without giving a reason.
  22. Operator reserves the right to change the provisions of these Regulations. Any change you will be informed when you sign up for service.