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Wireless speaker Audictus Dynamo Bluetooth with microphone.

Product Description

A trustworthy brand.

Audictus is a relatively young company on the market. It focuses on sound quality, and the functionality of the headphones is designed to help users achieve their goals and pursue their dreams. The products of this brand are created with passion in mind.

The Bluetooth speaker will work wherever we want to be accompanied by background music.

Its dimensions and light weight allow you to take your device wherever you want. Barbecue, plot, picnic and other social events are the circumstances in which the Dynamo model successfully fulfills its role. In addition, it can be used to amplify the sound of a laptop or phone. The speaker has a built-in microphone, through which it is possible to talk on the phone through it.

The sound is above all pure midrange and warm, highly exposed high frequencies.

As in any such device, in the foreground we hear vocals that are pleasing to the ear on the instruments. When it comes to bass, the speaker successfully manages its upper parts, from 100Hz up. The loudspeaker’s construction is simple and solid: rubberized around, with plugs for Jack and USB connectors. It gives a guarantee that the device will serve us for a long time.

The product is packed in a solid cardboard box that can be used successfully for the case. In addition, the kit includes two cables: 3.5mm audio jack and USB power supply.

Additional Information


24 miesiące



EAN: 5901969410778


Poznaj dane techniczne produktu:

  • Dolna częstotliwość przenoszenia: 100 Hz
  • Górna częstotliwość przenoszenia: 20 kHz
  • Kolor: Czarny
  • Komunikacja: Bluetooth
  • Materiał: Guma
  • Wejście miniJack 3.5mm: Tak
  • Wyjście słuchawkowe: Tak


Poznaj zalety produktu:

  • Zasięg Bluetooth do 10 metrów.
  • Wbudowany mikrofon umożliwiający rozmowy.
  • Wysokiej jakości, klarowny dźwięk.
  • Solidna, ogumowana obudowa.
  • Niska cena względem jakości produktu.

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