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Universal3.5mm CTIA to OMTP converter adapter cable

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Short Description

CTIA-OMTP adapter cable.

Product Description

Suitable for the compatible conversion of different versions of TRRS 3.5mm audio plug, to achieve the compatibility between the CTIA standard and the OMTP standard.
The function of this adapter cable is to interchange the definitions of the ground and microphone on your 4pin 3.5mm plug to solve the compatibility problems.
For example, If you buy a new mobile phone, with headset plug in the phone, but can not hear any vocal sound. It means maybe the 3.5mm plug of headset is not compatible with your phone. This adapter cable can help you!

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12 months

EAN: 5903738180080


Find out the specification:

  • Application: mobile phone, headset, laptop
  • Product color: black
  • Product length: 15cm
  • Connectors: 1x Jack 3.5mm / 4P TRRS plug (male), 1x Jack 3.5mm socket / 4P TRRS (female)
    Change of internal connections: TR1R2S-> TR1SR2


Explore the product’s features:

  • A fast and inexpensive way to increase the compatibility of audio devices.
  • Optimal length for easy handling of the adapter.
  • CTIA-OMTP pin-changer.

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