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A set that includes a microphone, tripod, pop filter and anti-shock basket.

Product Description

SPC Gear SM950T.

A high-class microphone equipped with a Cmedia USB chipset and a large diaphragm. Directional listening (cardioid characteristic) provides a very good suppression of unwanted ambient sounds. Very good quality components, such as the sound converter, USB chipset and internal filters allow for a warm, radio sound. The included accessories in the form of a foldable tripod, a foam POP filter, as well as an anti-shock basket will be useful for a streamer, YouTuber and a musician. The microphone does not require any additional software and works on a Plug & Play basis. The microphone mute button on the housing is a convenient solution in many situations.

Warm and clear sound.

Thanks to the cardioid characteristic and large diameter diaphragm, the microphone records a wide range of sound frequencies. From 18 to 21,000 Hz. The use of high-class components with unidirectional listening allows for a warm, radio sound while eliminating unwanted ambient sounds. Combined with a low self-noise level and no feedback effect, this enables sound recording at the recording studio level. In addition, the USB chipset of the renowned Cmedia brand is responsible for the correct transfer of the captured audio in high quality to the computer. Thanks to it, the integrated sound system of the computer or the card does not affect the high quality of the recorded recording. The microphone’s sensitivity of 135 dB allows you to record even quietly spoken fragments or whispers. The SM950T is great for recording vocals, reading lines or podcasts.

Full set of accessories.

The SPC Gear SM950T microphone comes with a whole set of useful accessories. The microphone is mounted in an anti-shock basket, which largely eliminates various types of vibrations caused, for example, by typing on the keyboard or tapping on the desk top. The foam POP filter, in turn, blocks excessive air movement, for example when breathing or pronouncing the so-called explosive sounds and protects the microphone against dirt. The foldable, massive tripod (tripod), which is the base for the SM950T, is made of good quality material, which ensures high flexibility in choosing its position, and above all, a stable positioning of the microphone on the desk. Foldable base legs allow you to easily carry the set. SM950T is equipped with a 1.8 m long USB cable.

Simple installation.

No additional software is needed for the operation of the SM950T. After connecting the microphone to the computer via the USB cable, the system will detect the newly connected device itself, which will be ready for operation after a short while – Plug & Play function. No need to install additional software and drivers significantly increases the compatibility of the device. Switch to work instantly with applications such as instant messaging, gaming platforms and advanced digital audio workstations.

Microphone mute button.

At the top of the structure there is a button to mute the SM950T microphone. It allows you to mute the microphone without leaving the currently running game or application. Both the button and the inside of the device provide a clear indication of status, glowing blue respectively when the microphone is on and red when it is not picking up sounds.

Durable construction.

The SPC Gear SM950T microphone housing is made entirely of metal. It is characterized by high resistance to damage and long-term use. The internal components of the SM950T, such as the diaphragm and electronics, are also protected by a rigid metal mesh and metal reinforcement. The massive tripod is a stable base for the microphone, and the anti-shock basket with soft rubber effectively dampens all vibrations. The attractive and professional appearance of the device enhances the stand. In addition, it catches the eye of the user and viewers of the stream or material on YouTube.

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24 months

EAN: 5903018661537


Explore the product’s features:

  • Full set: microphone, anti-shock basket, foam POP filter, tripod.
  • 1.8m USB cable.
  • Cardioid characteristic (directional sound capture).
  • Warm, full and studio sound.
  • Low self-noise.
  • The button for soundproofing the microphone on the housing.
  • No feedback effect.
  • Great workmanship of all elements.
  • High frequency response.
  • Big dynamics.


Find out the specification:

  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid (Unidirectional)
  • USB cable
  • USB cable length: 1.8 m
  • Sampling rate: 16 bit, 48 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 135 dB
  • Frequency range: 18-21,000 Hz
  • POP filter: foam
  • Stand: tripod type (“tripod”)
  • Anti-shock handle: yes
  • Package dimensions (mm): 242 x 87 x 254
  • Gross weight: 1090 g

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