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A recording kit includes a microphone, pop filter, anti-vibration basket and microphone arm.

Product Description

Do not waste time choosing individual products.

We offer a set of what is necessary to record good quality sound without interference. You do not have to wonder if one will be compatible with the other – we did it for you! Your task is to combine the components of the set with each other, and then connect to the device that will receive the signal and … already. It is a Plug & Play device, so installation of additional software is not necessary.

The recording set we propose is: Microphone SPC Gear SM900, Anti-vibration basket, Pop filter, Arm for mounting the microphone.

SM900 Streaming USB is a microphone with cardioid characteristics.

It gives a wide range of applications: from vlog recordings, through podcasts to music. The characteristics of the microphone makes it collect the signal mainly from the front. The drawback of this selectivity is the lack of recorded unwanted noise. The recorded sound is clean, it does not require any later dehumidification or other treatments to improve the quality of the recording.


Additional Information


24 months

EAN: 5903018660592


Poznaj zalety produktu:

  • Kompletny zestaw do nagrywania:
    • mikrofon,
    • koszyk antywibracyjny,
    • pop filtr,
    • ramię mikrofonowe.
  • Solidna konstrukcja – metal pokryty czarną farbą,

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