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NoiseReduction Safety Earmuffs Ear Protection

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Short Description

Protect your ears from loud noises.

Product Description

Passive Shooting Headphone designed to protect hearing. The clamping position can be easily changed by using a 2-point headband fitting . The wide padded side panels ensure perfect fit and comfortable fit. The headset is assigned a Noise Reduction Rating of 26dB . Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is a sound reduction parameter. Plastic polstron arc, technology for high-frequency and low-frequency attenuation and high quality seals guaranteeing its function without excessive pressure on the ears and the head. Shooting headphones guarantee hearing protection without compromise.

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12 months

SKU M5002B
EAN: 5907512654583


Explore the product’s features:

  • Padded headband and ear cups for extended comfort.
  • Stainless steel wire for easy personalized fit adjustment for heads.
  • Unique double-shell design guarantee high noise reduction rating.
  • Generous space inside cup to help the ears breathe thus improving comfort.
  • Professional earmuffs for durability and reliability.
  • Super suitable for noise places, loud machinery, lawn movers, engines, industrial machines, power tools, loud music, etc.


Find out the specification:

  • Feature Anti-noise, Soft and comfortable
  • Application Construction site, Production workshop, Car/boat/plane, Learning and sleeping
  • Noise reduction Class 5 SLC (80):32.5dB, NRR:26dB, SNR:32dB
  • Product weight 338g (+/- 5g)
  • Headbelt clamping force 10.4N, 10.6N, 10.7N
  • Product specification Product height:213.83mm (+/-0.2mm) Weight:149.84mm(+/-0.2mm)
  • Earpads:100脳120mm(+/-0.2mm)
  • Earpads height:44.6mm(+/-0.2mm)
  • Product material ABS, PU, Synthetic leather with acoustic sponge

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