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Short Description

Headphones with microphone dedicated for players.
Product Description

Designed for the players.

Closed handsets effectively cut off the sounds from the environment, so that nothing will distract us during the game. Soft shells covered with leather-like material give comfort of using the product. The headband, reinforced from the previous version, will make it a long time before we look around for new headphones! Pop filter guarantees clear sound during communication with other players. The characteristics of the microphone used are unidirectional. Its quality is evidenced by the fact that Sharkoon sells a similar product separately, without headphones, and not as cheap as one would expect.

They adapt to every situation.

The ability to disconnect the microphone allows you to take your headphones with you wherever you want. Their elegant, stylish design after disconnecting the microphone will make B1 v2 look great wherever we use them. In addition, the modular solution used in the cable will allow you to use the part that will be necessary for us at a given moment. To listen to music on a daily basis, you need only one part of the cable with a length of 1.10 m. In addition to the cabling, headphones and microphone, you’ll also find a solid, hard case with profiled foam in the middle. Thanks to this, our headphones will be safe on the go.


Additional Information


24 months



EAN: 4044951021215


Poznaj dane techniczne produktu:

  • Słuchawki
    • Złącze 3,5 mm: Tak
    • Złącze 2,5 mm: Nie
    • Połączenie usb: Nie
    • Długość kabla: 2,55 m
    • Pasmo przenoszenia: 20 – 20000 Hz
    • Impedancja: 32 Ohm
    • System akustyczny: zamknięty
    • Czułość słuchawek: 103 dB
    • Średnica głośnika: 4 cm
  • Mikrofon:
    • Częstotliwość mikrofonu: 50 – 10000 Hz
    • Czułość: -40 dB
    • Impedancja: 2,2 ?
    • Mikrofon: 3,5 mm
    • Możliwość odczepienia: Tak
    • Wyciszenie: Tak
  • Waga produktu: 320 g


Poznaj zalety produktu:

  • Słuchawki zamknięte – skutecznie odcinają hałas z otoczenia.
  • Mikrofon wyposażony w pop filtr blokujący głoski wybuchowe.
  • Możliwość odłączenia mikrofonu.
  • W zestawie mocne etui gwarantujące bezpieczny transport słuchawek.

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