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Short Description

Dedicated for children headphones JVC HA-KD9BT with volume limiter.

Product Description

Safety first.

For the safety of the youngest users, a volume limiter was used in the headphones. This solution will reduce the volume to a safe 85 decibels, which eliminates the risk of hearing damage. In addition, the headband is extremely flexible, there is no fear that after a while the product will be broken. It has a 7-step adjustment, which makes the product universal. Lack of cable is another argument in favor of the device’s immunity to negligent treatment of electronic devices by children. Headphones connect wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth technology. Its range is 10 meters from the transmitting device, which will allow children to play freely.

High quality.

Although the product is dedicated to children who do not attach importance to the quality of sound, the producer has not neglected this aspect anyway. Diaphragms with a diameter of 30mm give a high-quality sound with even characteristics. The battery allows 12 hours of continuous operation with 3 hours of charging time. The material from which the ear pads are made is gentle and skin-friendly, and also easy to clean. There is a navigational pilot on the headset that gives you control over the basic functions of the player.

Personalize your headphones!

Children are extremely creative and certainly will not pass by 4 sheets with stickers for decorating headphones. In addition, the HA-KD9BT model is available in two different colors – one for boys and the other for girls. The set also includes the mentioned sheets with stickers and microUSB cable.

Additional Information


24 miesiące



EAN: 4975769455025


Poznaj dane techniczne produktu:

  • Zasięg bluetooth: ok. 10m
  • Membrana: 30mm
  • Pasmo przenoszenia: 20-20k Hz
  • Impedancja: 20 ohmów
  • Limiter głośności: 85dB max
  • Czas pracy: 12 godzin
  • Czas ładowania: 3 godziny
  • Waga: 120g
  • Pilot nawigacyjny: tak, na słuchawce
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • W zestawie: kabel microUSB, 4 arkusze naklejek


Poznaj zalety produktu:

  • Limiter natężenia dźwięku (do 85dB) w celu ochrony słuchu.
  • Elastyczny, niełamliwy pałąk.
  • Pilot nawigacyjny umożliwiający sterowanie odtwarzaczem.
  • 4 arkusze naklejek do ozdoby słuchawek.
  • Zasięg ok. 10m Bluetooth pozwoli na swobodną zabawę dziecka.

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