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FX-AUDIOMINI DAC-X3 Fiber Coaxial USB Decoder 24BIT/192Khz USB

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Najlepsza karta dźwiękowa, DAC do 200 zł.

Product Description


– chip:CM108+CS8416+CS4344+NE5532+12.288MHZ10ppm PLL Clock circuit
– system support:windows xp,windows VISTA,windows 7,MAC OS,Linux(32 bit and 64 bit compatible)
After the development of up to more than eight months and
– Repeated tuning, DAC-X3 universal DAC has finally come out, for most of the sound card on your computer is not ideal.
– Player, LCD TV, fiber optic or coaxial output only, there are some computer directly onto the headset is not ideal, low noise, large, high-impedance headphones more difficult to push, or independent of a person like quiet evenings playing games or watching TV
– Input Interface: USB Fiber Coaxial (input interface is complete) USB signal priority,
– Output: RCA line outputs standard (amplifier can be connected to powered speakers, etc.)
– Amp independent outputs: standard 3.5 interface (amp volume independently adjustable, easy to use) (also can be used for signal output, higher amplitude)
– Amp using a standard dual op amp, With IC socket, you can own any better and better performance op amps, playability is very strong, you can upgrade yourself
– CM108 + CS8416 + CS4344 + NE5532 +12.288 MHZ10ppm PLL clock circuit
– As a universal product, stable, easy to use, performance is also good, is the most practical, so USB using CM108
USB decoder chip used is CM108 chip, more stable support USB2.0 high speed transmission, the digital output directly to the DAC partial decoding, your computer windows xp, windows VISTA, windows 7, MAC OS, Linux, etc. either 32 or 64 systems are not required to install any drivers

Output interface:

 A: RCA output, without adjusting potentiometer
 B: PHONE headphone output, separate potentiometer adjustment
 All are aluminum casing and wire walking on a high-speed computer -style gongs CNC machined to form . Precision aluminum oxide and after treatment, environmental protection wear, texture class , black oxide shell accurate precision engraving LOGO, beautiful, beautiful character never worn. Installation and processing circuit board parts are also processed to form a high-speed automatic assembly line and rigorous testing to ensure quality, to give you a good product once and for all .
– USB decoder chip used is CM108 chip , more stable support USB2.0 high speed transmission, the digital output directly to the DAC partial decoding , your computer windows xp, windows VISTA, windows 7, windows8, MAC OS, Linux , etc. either 32 or 64-bit system does not need to install any drivers on 64 -bit windows8 , feeling good sound effects .
– capacitance absolutely all directly from the Japanese original ELNA, high- ruby (Rubycon) capacitors , Siemcapacitors, Tom Mason brand of high quality metal film capacitors .
– LM317 American original LM317D2t
– full import of the circuit sheet FR-4, 1.6mm, Immersion Gold blue film processes.
– Advanced gilded black coaxial RCA for unbalanced analog audio input and for the first output.
– Original 24bit/192KHZ fiber optic receiver door pink.
– USB (usb-b type printer interface ) .
– Normal decode the digital signal indicator lights .
–  When using a USB sound card , USB priority
– volume : no protruding RCA, 106X25X70MM
–  Weight: about 200g ( single machine only own weight ) .
– Power supply : DC DC input :9-16V, better results can be AC AC input (AC :6-15V).. Power DC head black or white , inner core diameter of 2.1mm (5.5 * 2.1), on behalf of the power supply V + ( positive ) . This DAC comes with power regulator circuit and power polarity protection, anti-plug power right, toss it, do not burn decoding machine. The decoder can be directly powered by an external DC 6-16V single power supply , but we do not recommend using low voltage power supply , especially in the decoding of high bit high rate digital audio source , such as when a digital 24bit, 192KHZ sampling rate audio , recommended best with more than 12V1A power ( after each voltage contrast , the owner found that the effect of 12V-15V voltage between the best ) .
–  machine itself no harmful substances, but there are good and stable self- protection features , ease of use

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24 months



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