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FiiOFH1 Dual Driver Hybrid Headphones/Monitors

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FiiO FH1 Dual Driver Hybrid Over the Ear Headphones/Earphones/Earbuds In-Ear Monitors with Android Compatible Mic and Remote.

Product Description

Brass for natural, effortless sound

Theoretically, the closer the balanced armature unit is placed to the ear, the more accurate the sound is – because the ear will better receive the high of frequencies and overtones produced by the driver. However, if the tube through which sound travels through from the balanced armature to the ear is not designed properly, then even at short distances sound quality will degrade rapidly due to resonances and unwanted reflections. Therefore, to achieve the highest sound quality possible, we put the Knowles balanced armature unit inside the sound tube (to minimized its distance to the ear) made to brass (with its higher density than aluminum, it provides a more stable base with less undesirable resonances). All of this result in a natural, yet effortless sound in all parts of the sound frequency spectrum.

Titanium dynamic driver for potent bass

10 mm titanium diaphragm dynamic driver is responsible for the FH1’s powerful lower frequencies. Due to more space being available, the FH1’s diaphragm is 25.7% larger than the F9’s 9.2mm dynamic driver, making for not only more relaxed yet natural sounding vocals but also more robust bass – resulting in a highly dynamic, authoritative experience.

Carefully-crafted crossover design for balanced, precise sound

The FHI uses a meticulously designed crossover system so that the hybrid dynamic – balanced armature design can reproduce any frequency within the 20Hz to 40kHz range with the utmost fidelity. Essentially, the FH1’s drivers work perfectly in tune with each other that makes it ideal for a wide range of music.

Hi-Res Audio Certification

The FHI has been certified by the Japan Audio Society to be “Hi-Res Audio” capable. This means that the FHI is capable of a frequency response up to 40kHz, which can fully reproduce the audio and give you a natural and life-like listening experience that truly lets you listen to the music the way the artist wanted it to sound.

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  • Dual driver: 10mm titanium daphragm dynamic driver produces abyssal lows while the highly-acclaimed Knowles 33518 BA driver provides exquisite mids and highs
  • Carefully-crafted crossover design for balanced, precise sound; High-Res Audio certified
  • Detachable cable design with MMCX connectors, supplied with both a single-ended audio cable with in-line microphone and control, and a 2.5mm balanced cable
  • Over-the-ear wearing for an enjoyable experience
  • Thoughtful accessories: 6 pairs of silicone ear tips + waterproof carrying case

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