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Excellent sound quality and amazing value

Product Description

Sonic Unity presents the ENCORE RockMaster OE headphone. This is the first in a series of new audio components that offer both excellent sound quality and amazing value. With our factory direct pricing you have the opportunity to experience audiophile products that perform well above their price point.

The ENCORE RockMaster over-ear headphone from Sonic Unity pictured with the NuPrime uDSD and an Apple MacBook Air playing high-resolution, studio master recordings.


At Sonic Unity, we are passionate about music and want you to experience the very best sound quality at prices you can easily afford. The ENCORE RockMaster headphone does just that. Easily compared to headphones costing 4X as much, the RockMaster offers incredible sound quality and remarkable value. Choose over-ear or in-ear RockMaster headphones. Either way it will bring you closer to your favourite recording artists and the music they create.


With the ENCORE RockMaster, you get the best sounding products direct from our design team and the people who manufacture them. Factory direct. No brand premium and marketing mark-up. Just high quality sound from people who know how to make a great sounding headphone.

The Encore RockMaster’s tight bass, crystal clear midrange, accurate highs and wide soundstage compete with headphones at four times the price.


The ENCORE RockMaster over-ear (OE) headphone and the ENCORE RockMaster in-ear (IE) headphone have been customized from OEM housing and speaker drivers after reviewing hundreds of models. By utilising existing OEM housing for customisation, we can keep the cost at the minimum while maximising performance. Together, these two headphones offer portable and desktop audio quality that far exceeds their price. Compared to headphones over $200, these provide audiophile sound quality at a price anyone can afford.


  • 50mm dynamic speaker driver
  • Soft and breathable memory foam ear pad and padded head band for exceptional comfort.
  • Replaceable braided fabric-jacket 3.5mm male-to-male headphone cable
  • Frequency Response: 20–20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB



 “…Upon first listen, I’d boosted up a bass heavy track…The bass and stage formation feel very much like how I recall the Vmoda M100 to sound”.  Fast forward a few weeks and after I snagged a brief listen to a loaner M100…and what do you know? It really does sound very similar in those two areas, but only in those two areas of listening.  I can safely say for this price, nothing I am aware exists that offers bass quality on par with the Rockmaster OE for $59, I’ve also not heard a sub $100 headphone outside of the JVC HARX700 that sounds this large and vast in stereo imaging…certainly, this headphone is “the headphone” to get if you are on a small budget and enjoy bass and a nice, aired out sense of appeal.  The low end is very tight and fast, considering the price this is an excellent deal and you can close up shop and go home right now, no need to read on…”, 

“…The IEM from Encore is actually the star of the show here, outclassing the OE in every way except the typical vastness that comes with an over ear vs an inner ear.  It is smooth, classy and enjoyable.  When you factor in the price of both together, this could be one of the better deals of the year that I’ve yet come across and it seems like that is the entire point behind Encores campaign on Indiegogo. This is going to be a great gift buy for family members or friends, so I absolutely will be purchasing a few sets of these for my peers and hiding them safely until the holiday season rolls in for 2015…I’ve not found a cheaper headphone in an over ear, or an IEM that sounded this nice for this type of a price…”,

“One of my very first big reviews on this site was a big comparison of DJ style headphones all in the ~$150-200 range, so I like to think I have a pretty good grasp on that market segment. I put on the Rockmaster for the first time and I immediately thought “ yup, fits right in with those guys… what, this is at a fifth of the price?” – “Armaegis”, Headphoneus Supremus, -> read more

“Cohesive. That is the one word that I would use to describe the RockMaster IE. It is far far more than the sum of its parts. Each section on its own I could maybe find things to nag on, but taken as a whole all of that just disappears. The sound just comes at me and fills the space in my head without me finding things to fault. It’s a rare occurrence for me with iems… maybe a first. Nothing feels glaring, nothing feels indistinct. Just simple sound and I’m not distracted by any others foibles.” – “Armaegis”, Headphoneus Supremus, -> read more

Encore’s OE headphone came in with a sound that was bassy, and if you’re one that loves that sound signature, $60 dollars isn’t much to pay for it. The over-ear model looks and feels great while comfort is of no issue. It isn’t the most perfect headphone out there, but it still holds a good value.  Overall Score ★★★★½, -> read more

I have to say that Encore did a great job with the tuning of the IE in-ear monitors. Though driver flex does plague these IEMs, pretty much everything else is great with the IE. They offer a nice design with exceptional sound for their price. Overall Score ★★★★½, -> read more

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24 months



EAN: 861412000206

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