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Short Description

Snab HF-50 is a budget microphone offering the highest quality of sound recording.

Product Description

Snab HF-50 is a budget microphone offering the highest quality of sound recording.

It is a product with a wide range of applications. We can successfully record instruments, vocals, podcasts or vlogs with it. The recorded frequency range from 18 Hz to 21 kHz guarantees a rich sound color, and the cardioid characteristic is the solution where the recorded instruments will sound naturally and clean. Small size of the device plus a USB connection make the microphone universal, mobile and easy to transport. The Plug & Play function makes it easy to connect the device to the laptop – driver installation is not required. HF-50 is modeled on the model of another leading brand of audio equipment. The Snaba product does not differ in quality from the original, and is much more attractive in terms of price.

The producer provided the microphone with the necessary accessories.

The first element of the set is a pop filter, which will protect the recording from explosive sounds, as well as the microphone itself against pollution. Without this, it is hard to find a clean record that does not require post-production processing. In addition, in the box you will find a tripod stand in the form of a tripod and USB cable.

SNAB is a brand that focuses on customer satisfaction.

It has created the desire to offer users audio products combining both interesting and catchy sound, as well as due quality while maintaining a reasonable price. Thanks to this, we are able to gradually compete on the market with other brands and offer the listeners equipment not only nicely playing, but also durable – a connection that virtually everyone is looking for.

Additional Information


24 months



EAN: 5903018660608


Poznaj dane techniczne produktu:

  • złącze: USB,
  • zakres częstotliwości: 18Hz – 21kHz,
  • charakterystyka: kardioidalna,
  • częstotliwość próbkowania: 16 bit/48 kHz,
  • czułość 135 dB.


Poznaj zalety produktu:

  • mobilność,
  • najwyższa jakość dźwięku,
  • szybka i bezproblemowa konfiguracja Plug&Play,
  • kompatybilność: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/Win7/MAC//OSX/Linux,
  • wytrzymała stalowa obudowa.

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