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Karta dźwiękowa, DAC z wieloma rekomendacjami.

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THE CUBE BY PRODIGY: OUT OF THE BOX BRILLIANCE COMES TO D/A CONVERSION If you’re one of the many who refuse to believe that the terms “quality audio” and “computer audio” can be used in the same sentence, prepare to become a believer once you experience the Prodigy Cube. More than typical “output only” D/A convertors, the Prodigy also features a 3.5mm mono mic input which lets you add a remarkably analog-like level of depth and clarity to PodCasts, digital recording sessions – even VOIP-based phone calls! Speaking of depth and clarity, the Prodigy Cube goes most DAC’s one better on the output end as well, thanks to an integrated dual headphone amp which ensures that every musical nuance is reproduced with the kind of stunning clarity that’ll make you forget you’re listening to “computer audio”. Of course that’s not surprising when you realize that soul of the Cube is made up of the Tenor 24bit/96kHz chipset PLUS Wolfson’s high performance D/A convertor. The result a world-class audiophile solution with world-class value to match. And because it’s designed for true Plug and Play – without any software or drivers–the Prodigy “welcomes your output” regardless if its RCA, Optical and of course USB, all of which makes it simple to connect your computer to your audio system and “stream” your entire music library with virtually lossless fidelity. In fact, it’s even USB-powered so you won’t have to deal with annoying ‘wall warts’ or AC power cables. Bottom line? Regardless if you connect it directly to speakers, a receiver, or use it with your favorite, headphones or microphone, you’re bound to appreciate the Prodigy’s genius at recreating the rich warmth of the analog listening experience – including a level of resolution you never thought possible from Mp3’s and computer-based audio files.

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