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Adjustableheight Stand for speakers, accoustic shields

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Short Description

Choice for every musician, vocalist, studio owner or sound engineer.

Product Description

The stand is made out of durable Iron tube and is guaranteed to serve you for years on end. It comes with adjustable height up to 2.2m and 3/8 thread on top, as well as extra 3/8″ to 5/8″ adaptor thread for mounting acoustic shield and durable tray for mounting speakers. In addition, the thick diameters 3.5cm for upper pipe and legs, and 3.8cm for lower pipe make the stand much solid for bearing weight up to 40kg. Perfect choice for any musician, vocalist, studio owner, or audio engineer.

Durable Construction: solid metal construction.
Easily Adjustable & Versatile: Adjustable Height with reliable clutch.
Convenient design: Portable and stable.

The stand is made based on firm tripod legs and it is well known that triangle is the most stable shape. Super balanced and no risk of falling over. Its tripod and anti-slip rubber feet ensure that it will stay in place and will be less affected by floor vibrations, thus improving the quality of sound.

Durable but portable stand, you can easily bring along on all of your gigs, performances and recordings, and can be used every day in studios, showrooms, and on stages everywhere.

The easily adjustable stand can be assembled quickly and collapsed effortlessly. Suitable for supporting microphone, acoustic isolation shield and pop filter, as well as speaker in studio or other purposes.

Additional Information


12 months



EAN: 5907512654118


Find out the specification:

  • Height: 1m to 2.2m
  • Product weight: 3.5kg
  • Load capacity: 40kg
  • Material: Plastic clutch and leg housing with Steel tube
  • Top: with 3/8″ thread (include extra 3/8″ to 5/8″ adaptor thread)
  • Thickness of tube: 0.6mm
  • O.D of tube: 3.5CM upper tube, 3.8CM lower tube, 3.5CM legs
  • Color: black


Explore the product鈥檚 features:

  • Durable construction. Made of solid metal.
  • Versatility of use, e.g. as a set for stage speakers.
  • An easily adjustable and versatile product.
  • Adjustable height in the range of 100-220 cm.
  • Comfortable, stable construction up to 40 kg lifting capacity!
  • Mobility thanks to foldable, portable construction.

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