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firma kurierska DPD

We use the services of a courier company DPD. Many years of experience guarantees a quick and safe transportation of items purchased by you at your destination. Moreover, it is part of one of the largest road logistics network in Europe. Couriers deliver parcels in 9-17 hours. Expected delivery time if you choose the courier service is operating 48聽hours.

Fast and cheap courier DPD.

DPD is one of the market leaders of international transport services. It is one of the most experienced firms of its kind on the continent, has since 1977 engaged in a fast package delivery courier.

His beginnings were modest – today’s giant began as a small company in central Germany, with headquarters in Aschaffenburg. Today has more than 800 offices in 40 countries and has a fleet of 18 thousand. vehicles and employs more than 24 thousand. employees. Every day, DPD couriers deliver more than 2 million shipments. Such rapid development corporation owes its high standard of services.

Why trust the DPD? The company offers solutions tailored to the individual needs of each client. He takes care of every little package. It provides fast and safe delivery – both in standard mode, and express. Guarantees a friendly and effective service. In addition, it is constantly expanding its range, gaining recognition hundreds of thousands of customers in every part of the world.

DPD responds to your needs. It is a brand you can rely on.

Payments shall be effected through a system of prompt payment PayByNet.

Why pay PayByNet:


With the online payment service PayByNet, conveniently and securely pay for purchases on the Internet. The money will go immediately and directly from your bank account to the seller, and the money transfer will see, to whom and for what transfer money.

Seller using PayByNet easily identify your order, which will accelerate not only the delivery orders, but also to consider any complaints and the procedure of returning the goods.
To pay by PayByNet, just select the e-shop as a form of payment on the Internet PayByNet, log on to your online banking and confirm the operation. The transaction will be completed in a few seconds.
Secure online payment service also lets you pay for purchases by credit card.
With PayByNet you pay not only for e-stores. By using the services of e-government, you can make payments through PayByNet administrative and fiscal online
Operator services: NCH is an institution infrastructure of the Polish banking sector, which is playing a key role in the area of 鈥嬧媔nterbank settlements, is responsible for the safe and correct their course and for reliable electronic exchange of information in this area.

Through operated by the National Clearing House clearing systems Elixir Euro Express Elixir and Elixir are realized annually more than 1.5 billion interbank transfers.
The shareholders of KIR twelve commercial banks, the National Bank of Polish and Polish Bank Association.
KIR is also a provider of direct services online payment PayByNet, which is based on the infrastructure of the interbank clearing system Elixir.
By using the service PayByNet scheme interbank settlements, online payments offered by KIR are fast, easy and secure.
PayByNet service stands out further unique functionality of direct payments from the payer’s bank account to the bank account of the recipient.

It is also possible the direct transfer to the bank account Mozos:

Volkswagen Bank Poland S.A.

PLN: 66 2130 0004 2001 0644 4459 0001

NOTE: None of the order number in the transfer title may cause delays.