as an authorized NILLKIN distributor for audio products. NILLKIN is a company that always treats customers exceptionally. There is no compromise. Provides the best quality products at the best price. Our task as a distributor is to educate our customers about their unmatched advantages over such power as JBL, which dominates the market of portable audio devices.

As you probably know for a long time JBL is just a badge. The company has long since acquired Harman International Industries, and recently SAMSUNG. The JBL badge, however, remained due to its good reputation. Samsung is based on this, offering average products at a higher price. NILLKIN offers quality and not its mystification. We do not claim that JBL does not have good products. There are many, but mostly in the PREMIUM category. In the budget category JBL loses with many other solutions on the market, such as NILLKIN. Who has doubts, we invite to listen in our company! You can compare yourself.

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